If you do not already have a foreign driving licence, you can get a driving licence at a without a theory test and practical test

buy Danish driving licence. There are many driving schools in Copenhagen where you can obtain a driving licence. There are some regulatory requirements to the training you need. A course consists of driving theory lessons and a theory test you must pass, and driving lessons and a driving test you must pass.

Your driving licence for category A+B is valid for 15 years, while the driver’s licence for category C+D and the commercial licence is valid for 5 years if it was issued after 19 January 2013.

If your driver’s licence was issued before that date, it will be valid until the day you turn 70. Category C+D is usually valid up until the day you turn 50.

Please book an appointment before you visit Borgerservice (Copenhagen Citizen Service).

Book an appointment at without a Practical test and Theory test

Remember to bring

A photo which meets the requirements
Your driving licence. If it is the old format (not the credit card type), you must also bring your passport, birth certificate or name certificate
Cash or Dankort og Visa/Dankort for payment of the renewal and photo (if any).
If your driving licence was issued with a validity of less than 15 years, you must also bring:
A medical certificate issued by your own doctor. The certificate must be in a sealed envelope. If you make the renewal due to age, you must sign on page one. Your doctor will sign and stamp all pages
A photo in the same envelope as the medical certificate stamped by your family doctor. The photo must comply with the requirements for driver’s licence

Buy a Danish driving licence without a theory test and practical test within 5 days

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